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What does the name SATURA represent, when and how did the idea come about?
The name satura is a compound of two words, sano-natura, that is healthy and natural. The production of medicinal herbs is not widespread in Serbia and even less so is an organic production of medicinal herbs. For that reason, we decided to produce truly healthy herbs that are scarce both in our country and around the world.

We produce medicinal plants that are partly processed into teas and partly into essential oils. These are MINT, LEMON BALM, CHAMOMILE and THYMES.

The production of raw materials as well as their processing takes place in the north of Banat in the fields of Banatska Topola village. North Banat is a region that has long been known for the production of top quality medicinal herbs, so that even the largest European tea producers buy raw materials for their products from our region. Simply put, production based on organic principles primarily means a production without the use of pesticides, mineral fertilizers or any chemical compositions.